Yellowstone National Park is projecting an opening date of April 21st, 2023.  That means that several million visitors will make their way to the first National Park designated by our government.

President Ulysses S. Grant dedicated Yellowstone National Park as the very first park in the United States on March 1st, 1872.  This makes the park over 151 years old.  Obviously the land has been there much longer, but as a National Park, it is 151+ years old.

Grizzly Bear

DO NOT get within 100 yards of a Grizzly Bear 

In 2020, 3.81 million visitors entered the park which is slightly more than Glacier National Park which had 3.08 million in 2021.

Since 1978 there have been on average, between 2- 4 people gored by a bison in the park.  Bison are the number 1 threat to human safety in Yellowstone National Park, but not the only WILD ANIMAL that can hurt you.

Zambia: Young Lion Baring It's Teeth

Mountain Lions are mostly Nocturnal- still be aware if you see one

Here is my list of Top 10 Animals TO NOT take a selfie with

  1. Bison- they look cuddly and friendly, but can hurt or kill you in an instance- and will
  2. Grizzly Bears- Not only will  they kill you, they will then make sure the evidence can't be found (think of your self as a little mid-day bear snack)
  3. Black Bear- a little safer than the Grizzly Bear, yet can do some major damage to you if they feel threatened
  4. Elk, in the spring the cow elk will stomp you to protect their calves, in the fall the bulls will gore you during the rut
  5. Moose- less likely to run into a large group, but see #4 as Moose can and will do the same as the Elk
  6. Wolves, typically the wolves will leave you alone, but if you are hiking off trail, you are in their house and they might not like that
  7. Mountain Lions- again, Mountain Lions tend to avoid humans, but an easy meal is hard to pass up
  8. Big Horn Sheep- Unless you are way off path and try to engage, you should be safe- yet do not get into a head butting contest with them as you will lose
  9. Bobcats- They are small, cute kitty cats, right! No- leave them alone if you like to keep your limbs

Those horns are sharp and their feet are painful- stay away


The National Park Service recommends that you stay at least 25 yards (2 large school busses) away from all large animals and at least 100 yards (a football field) away from Grizzly Bears and Wolves.  They also advise DO NOT push a slower friend down to escape a bear.  This is very important because normally, I am the slower moving friend.

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History at the Bottom of Wyoming's Yellowstone Lake

Buffalo Soldiers Bicycled 132 Miles Through Yellowstone In 1896

The Buffalo Soldiers who made up the volunteer Bicycle Corps of the 25th Infantry Regiment bicycled 132 Miles Through Yellowstinw in 1896.


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