With all that is happening right now across Montana (floods, fires, crime and more) we could use a getaway. For one... I could enjoy one. Being from Eastern Montana, I've got some of the best stops just for you! Here's my top Two-Day Adventure Spots for you or the family!

A western night out in Miles City!

cowboys share shot in bar

Grab your hat and boots! Miles City offers a genuine cowboy night out experience! Between the historic Montana Bar, with the legendary bullet hole and original cash register, and the Bison Bar "A friendly place where friends meet!" you'll be able to grab a great beverage at a low cost! Not to mention meet yourself some fine folks who are quite welcoming and join in on the fun when the jukebox starts going! Hope you're not too rusty with the dance floor skills.

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Gone fishin' (or boating, swimming, tanning etc.) at Fort Peck!

Fort peck montana

Fort Peck has the views, food and entertainment to cover your entire weekend sunrise to sundown! The Fort Peck Dam has been around since 1933 and is a beautiful piece of engineering at work, making for a great stop. And you can grab a boat at Hell Creek Marina for a day out on the lake! Nothing beats a hot summer weekend and boating.

Real life "Jurassic Park" at Makoshika State Park!

Makoshika State Park

Hidden over in Eastern Montana, you'll find Makoshika State Park nestled in Glendive. Makoshika is the LARGEST state park in Montana, offering you and the family a beautiful view of the badlands AND fossilized remains of the creatures who once roamed this earth. Pack up the car and spend a weekend at their camping site! You'll remember it for years to come (don't forget sunscreen or bug spray).

Holy Moo-ey! The world's largest steer in Baker.

Steer Grass

After spending 3 years (2015-2018) in Baker, I got to fully experience everything it had to offer. The best downhome food, great people, Lake Baker, and even the O'Fallon Museum. So, this steer... "Steer Montana" was born in 1923 just east of Baker and lived for over 15 YEARS. That alone is amazing, but the fact this chonker weighed in at nearly 2 TONS, and stood nearly 6 FEET tall, and was over 10 FEET long gives you an idea! Of course, there is more to the museum... but Steer Montana is the main attraction.

There are just a few ideas of what I'd do with my weekend getaway. Close enough to not break the bank with current gas prices, but far enough to see a change in scenery! Let us know if you are headed out this weekend and send in your photos via our socials or app!

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