This article is intended to be a little bit humorous, a little bit factual and a whole lot of…..DANG it’s cold! First, let’s talk about what the temperature average is for this time of year. The December average for Great Falls, MT is high of 36 degrees and a low of 17 degrees.  The record high was in 2021 at 67 degrees and the record low was -28 in 2013. We are expecting to have a 4-5 day run of subzero temperatures (for the highs) with wind chill temperatures hitting dangerously low levels.

The current air mass is coming in from the Artic and will continue to pelt the state through Wednesday.  Normally, I don’t believe our government should get overly involved in our day to day lives, but I am 100% in favor of President Biden closing the Northern border (at least until this blows over) and if we need to install an air curtain or something similar, I am okay with that.  Perhaps we can have everyone on the hi-line set up fans outside and try to push the air back North…….don’t laugh, it might work……

Temperature reading on vehicle dashboard
Randy Bogden

Temperature at 4 am

Temperature reading on vehicle dashboard at 4 am on 12-19-2022

In all seriousness, NOW is the time to make sure your equipment is in working order.  If you have a head bolt heater, plug your vehicle in.   Start your vehicle a little bit earlier than normal.  Leave early and drive slow. Also, and this is a big one, check on your neighbors, family and friends.

Put jumper cables in your vehicle as well as an emergency kit.  Extra gloves, coats, hats and blankets are also a good idea to carry in your vehicle if you can.  Be safe and remember, we are only about 14 weeks from the start of Spring!

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