Harvest is upon us and with that comes long hours, hot days and added stress.  Taking care of yourself and your crew is vital to having a successful return on your year long investment.  Here are some reminders that Shay Richter, Agronomy Salesman for Wilbur Ellis offers:

  • Stay Hydrated- drinking enough water is extremely important for proper blood flow and brain function. Shay says that although many farmers try to power through with Copenhagen and Mountain Dew, water is the key to success
  • Try to combine against the wind when possible- if a fire happens to start the wind will push the flames towards the stubble, which has less fuel to burn
  • DO NOT BACK UP EQUIPMENT- with the size of today’s machinery, try to leave equipment in a spot that you can always move forward
  • Never work on equipment that is moving- turn off augers before removing jams and do not climb on machinery that is moving
  • Shay also says to be sure to thank your cook- forgetting to thank the person keeping you and the crew fed can become a hazard for you. Remembering to thank the cook might get you an extra slice of that apple pie

Tune into 560 KMON AM on Thursday morning August 11th as the full interview with Shay will be played at 6:45 and 8:45 am. Keep watching for more safety tips on this website as we will continue to post throughout the year.  And most importantly- Thank You to all of the Farmers and Ranchers who work so hard to provide all of us with the food we eat.

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