The Montana Legislature is dealing with a good thing and that good thing will be coming to you in the form of a check.  The state has a 2.5 billion dollar surplus and the legislature has passed two bills that will clear the way for some of that money to come back to you.

Here is how the first rebate will work.  If you paid state taxes in Montana in 2021 you will get money back in the form of a check.  The one time tax rebate will give an individual taxpayer up to $1250 back, depending on how much you paid in state taxes. And if you filed jointly with your spouse you could get up to $2500 back.

State Senator Steve Fitzpatrick of Great Falls tells us those checks will go out later this summer after the new fiscal year starts in July.  The total going back to Montana taxpayers will be a whopping 480 million.

And state legislators are not done there.  If you own a home in Montana and paid property taxes you will be getting another check for $500 later this year and another $500 check in 2024.  This means a husband and wife that own a home and work in Montana could get as much as $3500 back  total.  The only catch here is residents that own a home will have to apply for the rebates.  Details on how to apply will come later this year.

Senator Fitzpatrick says there could be even more rebates coming in some form as they continue to meet in the current session. They still have about another one billion dollars  to work with.

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