As the economy continues recovering after the crazy years of the pandemic, one striking trend persists: the lingering effects of the Great Resignation.

Despite the event winding down, its repercussions are still felt, particularly in the labor market.

Across the United States, the labor force participation rate remains below pre-pandemic levels, and employers are grappling with unfilled positions.

Moreover, between early 2021 and late 2023, millions of Americans parted ways with their jobs each month in what came to be known as the Great Resignation, driven mainly by dissatisfaction with pay and working conditions.

Regional Disparities in Job Resignation

Although the Great Resignation may have officially ended, its aftermath varies significantly from state to state.

Some regions experience higher rates of job turnover than others, contributing to a shifting landscape where workers in states facing labor shortages wield more negotiating power.

To delve into this phenomenon, WalletHub conducted a comprehensive analysis, ranking the 50 states and the District of Columbia based on the frequency of job resignations.

By examining both the latest month's data and the resignations over the past year, a clearer picture emerges of where employees are more likely to leave their positions.


  1. Resignation Rate (Latest Month): Given double weight, indicating the most recent trends in job turnover.
  2. Resignation Rate (Last 12 Months): Assigned full weight, providing a broader perspective on long-term resignation trends.

Key Findings

In its latest report, WalletHub highlights notable findings, shedding light on job resignation patterns across states.

Take a look at Montana!

  • Resignation Rate (Latest Month): 2.70%
  • Resignation Rate (Last 12 Months): 3.32%
  • Overall Rank: 4th highest in the country
Source: WalletHub

This data underscores the significant turnover within Montana's workforce, with both short-term and long-term resignation rates notably higher than the national average.

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