Lippi’s restaurant located at 705 Central Ave West has officially closed as of 3 pm on August 31st, 2022.

It is a sad day for Great Falls as Lippi’s has been an icon for over 30+ years.  Cathy originally opened the restaurant in the last 80’s or early 90’s with two partners in the Westgate Mall.  Several years later she bought out her partners and along with her husband Dennis bought the old A& W drive in restaurant on Central Ave West.  She has been providing home cooked meals, warm conversation and a family friendly environment ever since.

Pan fried chicken, homemade pies and fresh cinnamon rolls were a large part of the success of the restaurant.  Lunch specials alongside two daily soup options keep the restaurant full on most days. Even though Lippi’s stopped serving at 3 pm each day, I would often see the parking lot full until closing.

Lippi's Diner Logo

Lippi's Diner has several Large Lip decorations hanging on their walls

Although this is bad news for many loyal customers, there is good news in the story.  First, Cathy and Dennis can now truly retire and enjoy what they worked so hard to build.  Dennis had already retired a few years back from Pacific Steel and Recycling so it will be nice that they can enjoy time off together. Second, the restaurant has been sold and will reopen in the near future.  Ms. Julie from the Missouri River Diner will be moving in and opening up a new restaurant called A&K Diner.  The A stands for American and the K stands for Korean.  For those of you that have eating in her establishment, this is really good news. Ms. Julie tells me she will keep similar hours as the Missouri River Diner currently has.

I am sorry to see Cathy and Lippi’s go, but wish her and Dennis the best.  They deserve this retirement!

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