Signs have been posted in  a section of Choteau, Montana warning residents of a recent sighting of a grizzly.  Mayor Chris Hindoien says the bear was dark in color but has been confirmed as a grizzly.

It all started last Saturday near the City of Choteau rodeo grounds where a partially consumed deer carcass was found.  That carcass has since been removed.  The Montana Fish, Wildlife and parks has now placed a camera and a scare alarm in the area with hopes of getting the bear to move on.  City officials say the area is not closed to the public but that the public should be bear aware in that area.  Residents are encouraged to take bear spray and avoid the brushy areas immediately surrounding the rodeo grounds and city property.

Choteau city officials are also asking residents to not search for the site as this could  be a safety risk.  Bear Specialist, Chad White says bears will not typically stay around once a food source has been removed but he says the public should still be cautious and assume that the fresh scent could attract another bear.

Residents are also asked to avoid areas like berry patches and dense brush where a bear is more likely to be bedding and feeding.

Signs are now up in place in the are where the bear was last seen and Choteau city officials say they will remain until at least Friday.  If you see the bear or have further questions you can reach out to Bear Specialist Chad White at 406-788-4755 or Bear Management Technician Daniel McHugh at 406-240-2930.

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