An East Helena woman has been sentenced to just three months in federal prison for stealing mail.  Jessica Menth, 33, pleaded guilty in October of last year to access device fraud.

Federal authorities say Menth was stealing mail to obtain documents, checks, credit cards, prepaid debit cards with Covid relief funds and other items of value.  During a search of Menth's hotel room in January of 2021 law enforcement discovered a stack of stolen mail, several documents and more than 30 debit cards most of which still had activation stickers on them.

The feds also say  there was no evidence that Menth had the chance to use or attempt to use any of the devices to make unauthorized purchases.  A later search of her car found several small baggies and a small amount of meth.

Great Falls Federal Court Judge Brian Morris also sentenced Menth to three years of supervised release.  Nowhere in the report does it put a dollar amount on what she had allegedly stolen. The feds say all the stealing took place around the holidays in December of 2020 and January of 2021.

The case was investigated by the United States Postal Service and the Clark County Sheriff's office.

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