Each week I interview Great Falls Americans head coach Greg Sears.  This is the transcript of this week’s interview:

Randy: As always, it's good to kick the season off with a win. Talk about it.

Coach Sears: Yeah, it was a good start for our guys. Thought we battled hard. It doesn't matter how the first one is. Just nice to get two points on the first night.

Randy: What did you learn about the team that that you are going to focus on this week?

Coach Sears: We got to get in shape, kind of a short training camp. We didn't do the first game, so the legs weren't there, like normal. So that's primary concern and pretty normal for this time of year. So, we look forward to getting back to work and working towards Friday.

Randy: Big rivalry game on Friday. Of course, Helena has always been your cross-town opponent. Talk about your game.

Coach Sears: Yes. Excited to play them, see where we're at, see where they're at. Obviously, they had a really good season last year and we're looking forward to them coming to town and should be pretty cool atmosphere because they travel well. So just looking forward to good early season match up and kind of a measuring stick game for us.

Randy: As always, coach, best of luck and we'll talk to you next week.

Coach Sears: All right, thanks Randy.

Friday’s game (9-16-2022) is at the Great Falls Ice Plex and is scheduled for a 7:30 pm MST puck drop.  To learn more about the GF Americans, go to their website.

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