Each week KMON radio has an interview with GF Americans junior hockey coach Greg Sears.  Here is the interview:

Randy: on the phone with Great Falls Americans Head Coach Greg Sears and coach you had a split over the weekend. Always good to put points on the board.

Coach Sears: Good weekend for the guys as far as bouncing back on Saturday night and a little bit of a struggle bus Friday with some injuries and some suspension so you know we just had to get through it and had our best team out there on Saturday night so it's good to see potential coming up.

Randy: You got Helena and then you're gonna turn around and go on the road for Butte, forecast what your upcoming games look like.

Coach Sears: We're excited, again one game at a time, we get a big Swedish player who's going to help on the back end so looking forward to starting to build from there. It was a nice five game home stretch here and then hit the road now, it’ll be nice to get the boys out of town for one.

Randy: You talked about injuries and suspensions, are you back to full strength or are you still cleaning some stuff up?

Coach Sears: Every year, second week of the season the guys get sick and stuff. So trying to get through that and hopefully we will be done with that by midweek and be able to move forward but we should have everybody back for the weekend.

Randy: Anything else you want to throw out there coach?

Coach Sears: Looking forward to another Friday night game.

Randy:  As always, we certainly do appreciate your time and wish you the best of luck. We'll talk to you next week.

Coach Sears: Thanks a lot Randy.

Game time is 7:30 both Friday and Saturday.  Friday’s home game is at the GF Ice Plex at 4001 29th St SW, Great Falls.  The game can also be seen on Hockey TV.  Go to GF Americans website to see the entire schedule.


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