A 40 year old Great Falls man is in the Cascade County Jail today charged with beating his girlfriend.  The alleged assault happened Friday in the 5000 block of Lower River Road.  According a Cascade County Sheriff's Office report,  It says that Clay Fraser was with his girlfriend when she was trying to talk to him about checking in with Probation and Parole.  The girlfriend says Fraser "flipped out" and threw her against a wall.

Fraser- Montana Prison System Photo.
Fraser- Montana Prison System Photo.

And when she was down on the floor he proceeded to open a wooden closet door and use it to strike her in the head three to five times.  The deputy that took the report says it is to be noted that the closet door was cracked during the beating.

At this point a friend of the victim showed up and knocked on the front door.  She told Fraser he had to leave the residence.  He refused and instead pulled a baseball bat out from underneath a chair and stood in the doorway with the bat in his hands.  The woman who knocked on the door told the deputy that she was worried he was going to hit her with the bat.  She also told deputies that Fraser has used a bat as a weapon before.

Fraser is charged with two  counts of assault and his bond has been set at $50,000.  It should also be noted that he has at least two prior convictions and has served time in the state pen.  Below is his rap sheet.

DOCKET: DC-13-11
COUNTY: Glacier
JUDGE: Olson
LEGAL TYPE: Probation Violation Sentence
SENTENCE TYPE: DOC Commit None Suspended

OFFENSE: Criminal Possession of Dangerous Drugs
CODE: 459102
OFFENSE DATE: 2/13/2013

DOCKET: ADC-00-521
COUNTY: Cascade
JUDGE: Mckittrick
LEGAL TYPE: Probation Violation Sentence

OFFENSE: Bribery Official and Political Matters
CODE: 457101
OFFENSE DATE: 9/14/2000

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