The National FFA is the largest agricultural based intracurricular youth organization in the United States.  There are several functions of the FFA, but one of the most important is the education and guidance for the future leaders of our world.  Members start as young as 7th grade in Montana, building a course of knowledge and experiences that will benefit them a lifetime.

In the FFA, each member has a SAE project.  SAE stands for Supervised Agricultural Experience.  These projects vary from working with animals to yard work or even food production.  The old comment of “cows and plows” no longer applies to FFA as the organization has expanded well beyond the original basis for the organization.

Members use their SAE projects to gain life long skills that they will utilize to their benefit and the benefit of everyone around them. Many members continue to use the knowledge gained to earn a living.  Some find careers directly related to their SAE, while others use the skills in other professional settings. While doing this, each year they can win awards and qualify for different degrees in FFA.  I for one did not continue in the Agricultural Processing/ Ag Business field, but I use the skills and contacts in my career at KMON every day.

The Montana FFA Foundation needs your help.  Morgan Kuntz and Kelsey Proue are gathering data to track how members have used their SAE projects in their current professional lives. They ask that you go to MailChimp and fill out this short survey. The more information they gather, the better they can guide the future of an organization that everyone benefits from, even those that never wore the jacket.  Thank you for your time.

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