The other day I was doing research on another subject and I came across something that I thought was pretty interesting.  Do you know what the highest selling hard liquor is in Montana?  I would have thought whiskey, or Whisky as some spell it.  It is actually Vodka and the number one selling Vodka in Montana is Tito's, made in Austin, Texas.

Tito's rules in Montana

Tito's Vodka

Montana's number one seller is Tito's.

Over 44,000 cases of Tito's were sold in Montana in fiscal year 2022.   This is according to the Montana Department of Revenue.  I think Tito's is one of the best Vodka's around.  But it can be a bit pricey.

Second in Montana Sales is Black Velvet Whiskey with about 42,000 cases sold.

Top selling whiskey in Montana.

Black Velvet

Number two seller in Montana.

Third in overall sales is Fireball Whisky with over 41,000 cases sold.  I have tried it and it is good.

One of the best sellers in Montana


Fireball is the second most popular liquor in Montana, 2022.


Next up is Pendleton Whisky,  31,000 cases sold in Montana in fiscal year, 2022.

One of the best sellers in Montana.

Pendleton Whiskey

Second biggest seller in Montana, 2022.

Nikolai Vodka is another winner in Montana with over 25,000 cases sold.

One of the best sellers
One of the best sellers

Nikolai Vodka

Pat Frisch

Platinum Vodka comes in as Montana's fifth best seller with about 16,500 cases sold in fiscal year 2022.

Next on the list is Captain Morgan Spicy Rum.

The ever popular Jack Daniel's, black label made the list with about 14,000 cases sold in fiscal year 2022.

Pat Frisch
Anybody for Jack and Coke?


Jack Daniel's

So, those are the top sellers in Montana according to the department of revenue.  Maybe this will give you some ideas for the holidays.  Cheers!


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