How Does Montana's Economy Compare To Other States

It has been well publlisized that Montana's economy has fared very well over the past few years.

Stocks Drop In First Day Of Trading For June
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Despite challenges like COVID-19 and rapid inflation, Montana's economy has remained relatively strong.

Let's take the unemployment rate, for instance; it has hit record lows multiple times in the last few years.

Although that isn't the main indicator of the states economy, it certainly highlights one of the wins.

Here are a few more stories breaking down the economy here in the Treasure State.

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Stocks Drop In First Day Of Trading For June
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Wallet Hub Economy Survey

However, according to a recent wallet survey, Montana Falls is in the middle of the rest of the states in terms of the economy.

In their most recent report, Wallet Hub used a few factors to examine economies across the United States.

They looked in-depth at economic activity, economic, health, and innovation potential.

In total day, 28 metrics were used to analyze each state in the nation further.

Here's a look at the points breakdown.

  • Economic Activity – Total Points: 33.33
  • Economic Health – Total Points: 33.33
  • Innovation Potential – Total Points: 33.33
Source: WalletHub

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