Celebrate Montana's Law Enforcement Heroes

Montana elementary students, it's time to brush up and show off your art skills.

Calling All Elementary School Artists

Attorney General Austin Knudsen has announced the launch of the 2024 Montana Law Enforcement Appreciation Poster Contest, inviting elementary school students statewide to express their gratitude to Montana's law enforcement officers.

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A Partnership for Appreciation

In collaboration with the Montana Highway Patrol, this contest aims to highlight the invaluable service of law enforcement personnel and foster respect within communities.

Prizes and Recognition

Winners from each of the seven Montana Highway Patrol districts will receive an ice cream social for their class, courtesy of the Montana Department of Justice.

In May, the statewide winner will celebrate with Attorney General Knudsen, MHP Colonel Steve Lavin, and local law enforcement, and their winning poster will be displayed across the state.

Montana Law Enforcement Poster Contest Guidelines

  • Eligibility: Elementary school students

  • Artwork Criteria: Reflect appreciation for law enforcement using traditional mediums
  • Poster Specifications: 8.5 x 14 inches preferred
  • Submission Requirements: Include biography, application, and original artwork, mailed to the Attorney General’s Office by April 26.

Don't Miss Out!

Show your support for Montana's law enforcement and unleash your creativity!

Submit your artwork today to honor those who protect and serve our communities.

Click Here To Apply

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