Today is Fat Tuesday, which has got me thinking a lot about cajun food. While Thanksgiving has turkey and St Pat's has corned beef and cabbage, Fat Tuesday is all about the gumbo.

Classic cajun food sets itself apart from other cuisines. It feels worlds away from what we are used to eating here in the rocky mountains. Granted we do have crawfish in some of our mountain rivers. (Which I feel tastes far better than ones caught out of a muddy bayou...Just saying.) I have never seen an alligator swimming around in Montana waters.

Crawfish and gator are just a few of the things you may find in classic cajun cuisine.

Back in 2017, we teamed up with some of our friends in Stevensville to throw a Griz tailgate party like no other. Our buddies Matt, Smitty, and Pitmaster "Chunk" had the genius idea of ordering an entire alligator to be shipped to Montana. The goal was to cook the gator whole on a giant barbecue. Which we appropriately called "The Blaze Tail'Gator."

Smitty and crew dished out free samples of the gator, as well as free samples of Crown Royal. In exchange for their efforts to tackle and cook a gator, they asked for donations to some great causes. People attending the "Tail'Gator" generously gave donations to our annual KYSSMas for Kids, and they also accepted donations of goods for care packages to ship to soldiers overseas.

So what does 'Gator taste like?

I got to be honest, I was apprehensive at first. I expected to taste nothing but mud and fish. But, as the saying goes, "It tastes like chicken." It REALLY did taste like chicken, but the flesh was more delicate. I would highly recommend trying it.

Should we bring back the "Tail'Gator?" Check out some great photos.

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