By now you have probably heard there was an incident at the Cowboy Bar last Friday in Great Falls.  57-year-old John Carr was arrested after he reportedly rammed his truck into a person pinning her against a wall.  According to the details in a Probable Cause Affidavit it says that Carr asked a woman by the name of Carlin Meyer if she was a "trans".

According to one witness, Carr  was yelling at the woman voicing his displeasure about her being transgender.  The argument was later carried into the parking lot where Carr then rammed the woman pinning her against a wall.  Her injuries were also severe.  She reportedly suffered a fractured pelvis, a puncture wound to her left thigh and possible internal bleeding.

Several other witnesses said Carr was in the bar earlier walking up to other patrons and aggressively conversing and grabbing females in the bar.  Carr was later arrested and charged with felony criminal endangerment.

When officers interviewed Carr, the Probable Cause Affidavit says he told them that he said something to the effect of, "are you one of those transgender people?"  He also told police he was asked to leave the bar after smacking a girl's butt.   He tells police the victim threw a glass beer bottle at his truck hitting it.

When police tracked down  Carr, he was outside his truck and police say they noticed damage to the front bumper and drops of blood on the bumper and what appeared to be smudges of blood on the hood.  No word on the victim's condition today.

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