Stage names are how we know most of our favorite actors. In fact, most of us never learn that the actor we have followed for so many years was actually born with an entirely different name.

Each day during our morning show Baker Bob, Pat and myself highlight celebrity people born on that particular day.

I published the January list HERE.

Here is the list of February birthdays I had on my list:

Ernest Jennings Ford better known as Tennessee Ernie Ford (1919- 1991)

Benjamin Kubelsky better known as Jack Benny (1894- 1974)

Lawrence Hankins Locklin better known as Hank Locklin (1918- 2009)

Salvatore Phillip Bono better known as Sonny Bono (1935- 1998)

Tracy Lauren Marrow better known as Ice-T (1958- current)

Daniel Lawrence Whitney better known as Larry the Cable Guy (1963- current)

Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel better known as Seal (1963- current)

Floyd Joy Sinclair better known as Floyd Mayweather Jr (1977- current)

Scott Thompson better known as Carrot Top (1965- current)

William Cody better known as Buffalo Bill Cody (1846- 1917)

Anthony Leonard Randall better known as Tony Randall (1920- 2004)

Antoine Dominique Domino Jr better known as Fats Domino (1928- 2017)

Benjamin Siegel better known as Bugsy Siegel (1906- 1947)


If you were going to take a stage name, what would it be? Most of the “stars/ celebrities” that we feature use a variation of their existing name. Others, like Larry the Cable Guy, pick their name for a particular reason.

Daniel became Larry after calling into a friend’s radio show as “Larry, an unhappy cable guy that was irritated with local politics” and from there a star was born.

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