According to the Motley Fool, streaming services have outpaced cable/ satellite TV in America.  They believe that a major reason is sporting events.  I believe a major reason is cost.

I was with DISH Network for many years but finally left when my bill went over $150 a month, yet I still wasn’t able watch the Cat-Griz Football game without adding additional channels.  I had over 300 channels of which I used about 10 of them.  The channels I wanted were all part of a different level, so I had to get the top level to see all of my favorites.  If I wanted to see the Cat-Griz game I need to add an extra sports channel that came with another 10 channels that I had no plan to watch.  I had subscribed to Dish for over 20 years at the time of cancellation.  In my opinion, loyalty meant nothing to the company, it was all about the profit.

I don’t disagree with The Motley Fool on the thought of sports partially driving streaming service.  Look at what the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) Network has done.  They provide a streaming service that airs most if not all high school and middle school sporting activities.  You can buy a short term subscription or an annual subscription and follow any team in the United States.  The service isn’t perfect, but I have enjoyed many a game from the comfort of my home.  The other advantage of streaming is the mobility.  I can watch from my cell phone, laptop or any device that has access to internet.  The service travels with me wherever I go.

I currently subscribe to several streaming services including Hulu, Netflix and the NFHS Network. My monthly cost is now $29.  I still have well over 300 channels to choose from and yes, I still only use about 10 of them on a regular basis.  Now that I think of it, I spend most of my time listening to 560 KMON.  I recommend you do that as well.

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