On Friday, May 31st, Great Falls city staff responded to a report of a small landslide in Warden Park near 15 Overlook Drive, across from the Great Falls Visitor Center.

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Around 10:30 on Friday morning, a Great Falls, Montana, Tourism employee reported seeing a section of grass in the park slide down a small hill and onto the sidewalk and street below, leaving behind mud and visible running water.

Great Falls Park and Recreation staff arrived on the scene shortly before 11:00 a.m. and began working to determine the source of the running water and the slide.

Warden Park Landside

According to Great Falls Park and Recreation staff, the slide was caused by a leak or break in an irrigation line up the hill in Warden Park.

City workers put barricades around the debris on the sidewalk and in one lane of Overlook Drive below the leak and direct traffic, which was slowed for a few hours.

Equipment was brought to the scene to remove the slide debris, which included grass and mud, from the sidewalk and the street.

There were no reports of disruption to water lines or water pressure to surrounding homes or businesses.

No injuries were reported.

Great Falls Park and Recreation, the City of Great Falls Public Works, and Great Falls Fire Rescue all responded.

Warden Park is one of 57 city parks in Great Falls and is home to a disc golf course. The sidewalk and trail in Warden Park are part of the River’s Edge Trail system.

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Landside At Warden Park In Great Falls

Landside At Warden Park In Great Falls

Gallery Credit: Shannon Newth

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