A new report out from the National Park Service is shedding some new light on the death of a Los Angeles man last summer at the Abyss Pool in Yellowstone National Park.  Very few parts of the body of II Hun Ro, 70,  were ever found. The Abyss Pool can reach over 140-degrees and a body will dissolve in that kind of heat.

Pool at Yellowstone
photo courtesy of GF Tribune/Kristen Inbody

Yellowstone National Park

One of the many pools at Yellowstone.

New information now says they found the man's vehicle in the parking lot and inside was his wallet, a book of poems and around $500.    For the first time,  park officials now say they also found fatty tissues floating in the pool.

So, was it suicide?  Was he pushed in? Or did he just fall in by accident?  The report does not offer any theory as to how II ended up in the pool.  All that was found of him was a foot in a shoe and through DNA from family members, they were able to identify him.

The report says park officials still don't know if he was traveling alone or exactly when he went missing.    He did stay, the report says,  at the Grand Canyon at Yellowstone.

Now back to the book of poems.  They were in a different language but after being interpreted, none of them mentioned anything to do with suicide.

One other thing the report said was a black shoe was found by a park visitor August 16th near the pool and two shoe soles were found by the Abyss Pool a few days earlier by park officials.

The question remains,  will we ever know how II ended up in the pool?  Park officials have not said if an investigation is still ongoing.

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