How long will you live in Montana before you die?  It may come down to what county you live in.  New stats released by the U.S. Census Bureau sheds some light on what we all want to know,  how long will I live?  In Montana,  the average median age of death for a man is 75 and a woman 82.  But when you look at a breakdown by counties.  Those numbers change.

For example the Census Bureau says the average age of death in Cascade County is 77.1.  Below are 13 counties that have a lower death rate than Cascade County.

#12 Pondera County.  76.8 years.

#11 Powell County.  76.7 years.

#10 Hill County.  76.4 years.

#9   Silver Bow County.  76.3 years.

#8   Phillips County.  76 years.

#7  Deer Lodge County.  74.8 years.

#6  Wheatland County.  74.7 years.

#5   Glacier County.  70.8 years.

#4 Rosebud County.  70.3 years.

#3 Blaine County.  70.2 years.

#2  Big Horn County.  66.2 years.

#1 Roosevelt County.  64.5 years.

So, how about  the Montana Counties where people live the longest.

#5 Gallatin County.  82.6 years.

#4 Powder River County.  83.4 years.

#3 Sweet Grass County.  83.7 years.

#2  Granite County.  85.5 years.

#1  Liberty County.  89.7 years.

Some other counties of note.

Judith Basin County.  82.5 years.

Meagher County.  82.5 years

Missoula Country.  79.8 years.

Lewis and Clark County.  79.2 Years.

Chouteau County.  79.1 years.

Teton County . 78.7 years.

Yellowstone 77.3 years.

Fergus County.  77.7 years.

Toole County.  78.2 years.

The Census Bureau did not offer up any details on why some people live longer in some counties but it does say that Montana is the 9th oldest state in the nation.  Florida is the oldest state by population age.

The average life expectancy rate for Montana in 1950 was just over 68.  And by 2017 the rate was 78.6.



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