Humor: The Unwritten Rules For Calling 911 On Independence Day

I stumbled across a rather humorous post on Facebook the other day, and it inspired me to share the post with you and scribble up this article.

Crazy Calls Emergency Officials Deal With In Montana

Throughout my media career, I've had the opportunity to go on ride alongs with law enforcement and spend time at 911 dispatch centers.

So, I'm somewhat familiar with some of the crazy calls that come into emergency communication centers.

After years of listening to police radio chatter in various newsrooms, you would not believe some of the crazy things that have been reported on the airwaves.

Honestly, the crazy stories I've heard over the years could probably be their own article.

But for the sake of time and reader fatigue, let's focus on the crazy stuff law enforcement and emergency officials have to hear about around Independence Day.

Here is the humorous post I stumbled across on Facebook.

Although it is somewhat tongue-in-cheek and draws a good laugh, it does bring up an excellent point!

Don't call 911 unless it's an actual emergency!

First Responder Workload

It's no secret that the workload for first responders increases significantly over major holidays.

Emergency officials are expected to deal with an influx of people, and I'm sure a variety of strange situations.

So, with that said, try and remember what first responders are up against over the Independence holiday.

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