In a recent press release, the company that owns both Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores announced that they plan to close many stores throughout North America.

The million-dollar question is, are any of these stores here in Montana?

The company is shaking things up with plans to close about 600 Family Dollar stores in the first half of fiscal 2024.

It's all part of a big review they're doing to figure out which stores to keep, relocate, or re-brand based on how they're doing and what the market's like.

Around 370 Family Dollar and 30 Dollar Tree stores are expected to close over the next few years as their leases run out.

Fiscal Challenges Amid Store Portfolio Review

Now, all this restructuring comes with a hefty price tag.

The Company took a hit of $594.4 million just to investigate its store situation in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Plus, it had to swallow a goodwill impairment charge of $1.07 billion and another charge of $950 million for intangible assets related to its brand names.

Optimism Amidst Challenges

The Company is still looking ahead with a positive outlook for fiscal 2024.

They expect to earn between $6.70 and $7.30 per share, even though the first half of the year might be rough due to shrinking profits and changing product mixes.

On the bright side, they're counting on better shipping rates and less impact from reduced SNAP benefits as the year rolls on.

Anticipated Benefits from Closures

Those closures? They're not just about cutting losses.

The Company figures it'll actually save about $0.15 per share once those underperforming Family Dollar stores are gone.

And they're betting that'll really start to show in the second half of the year.

Montana's Dollar Tree and Family Dollar Outlook

I wasn't able to find any specifics as to what locations will close,

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