The parents of two children have been arrested in Great Falls and charged with child endangerment, a felony.  Lisa Harris, 43, was arrested yesterday when police went to her home to arrest her on the felony warrant.  Jack Gillespie,44, was arrested on his warrant at another location.

Lisa Harris
Photo from public file at Cascade County Sheriff's office.

mugshot of Lisa Harris

Lisa Harris mugshot. Booked on 1/24/23

According to Cascade County Attorney Josh Racki,  the two underage boys living with their parents both tested positive for meth after recent hair samples were taken.  Racki says the kids were probably exposed to the meth after it was smoked in their presence.

Jack Gillespie
Photo from public records at the Cascade County Sheriff's office.

Mugshot Jack Gillespie

Mugshot of Jack Gillespie booked 1/24/23

We are learning today that the kids had been in state custody but a Cascade County District Court Judge recently allowed the kids to live with their parents again. That was back around the holidays.

The home in question is a home that was raided by police last October.  At that time, drug enforcement units busted through a gate and arrested Jack Gillespie on drug charges that included, criminal possession of dangerous drugs, meth, criminal possession of drug paraphernalia and having a stolen motorcycle in his possession.  Police also searched the home but did not say if anything was found.    The home is located at 1223 6th Avenue South near 13th Street and has been a problem house for authorities  the past  few years.  It is estimated that police and fire have been to that house at least 30 times.

Below are pictures of the home at 1223 6th ave south.

Photo by Pat Frisch

photo of 1223 6th ave south

Photo By Pat Frisch

House at 1223 6th avenue south


Both have bonded out of the county jail.


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