Square dancing classes are back in Great Falls and you are invited to learn more about the fun active dance.  First, a little history lesson on what square dancing is.

Square dancing has been credited with beginning in the 16th Century in England, a product of other styles of folk dancing which originated much earlier.  The American version of square dancing is often considered a “cowboy” dance with many of those participating, actively involved in agricultural careers.  Often times, square dances were performed in barns and called barn dances.

The 71st annual square dance convention was held in Evansville, Indiana this past June.  The event contained a full educational schedule, social events and of course, lots of dancing.

If you ever wanted to learn how to square dance or get back into the popular activity, now is your time.  Dudes N Dolls have their fall classes starting October 4th at 6 pm at Sons of Norway Lodge. 1314 7th Street South.  Call 406-799-1071 for more information.

Learn the lingo as well as the moves with a group of passionate dancers and performers.  Learn what all of these terms mean; Circle Left, Allemande Left, Promenade, Right and Left Grand, Swing, Ladies In, Men Sashay, Roll Away to A Half Sashay and of course a term we have all heard, Do Si Do. Square dancing is a fluid dance with several partners working together to meet the callers instructions.

Not only a great workout, but a fun social event that you are sure to enjoy!

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